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Dive Sites on the Rainbow Reef          

Marine biologists believe that life in the ocean originated here in the western Pacific and radiated outward from this "center of dispersal." The tidal current and constant year–round water temperature of the nearby Somosomo Strait create an ideal environment for more than 390 species of corals, marine creatures such as anemones, turtles, eels and nearly 1500 kinds of fish.

Read National Geographic's article or watch their online video featuring our beautiful Rainbow Reef.

The Rainbow Reef

is the result of the deep vertical drop off and strong tidal current in the Somosomo Strait. This creates many diverse, extraordinary dive sites. Some of our favorite vertical drop-offs include the Zoo, the Great White Wall, the Purple Wall, and the Fish Factory. Each of these sites hosts a number of large pelagics like schooling gray reef sharks, schooling barracuda, schooling jacks, dogtooth tuna, Spanish mackerel, and manta rays.

The Great White Wall

is rated by many dive enthusiasts as one of the best dive sites on the planet. The site hosts a stunning vertical wall covered in white Dendronepthya soft corals which drops to over 100 meters (300 feet). This site includes large lava tubes, schools of anthias, and larger pelagics cruising along the drop-off.

The Ledge

is a totally different reef community built on an isolated volcanic pinnacle with a changing cast of pelagic visitors: jacks, dogtooth tuna, Spanish mackerel, and large schools of baitfish. The top of the pinnacle is the Ledge's crown jewel of multi-colored soft corals and schools of blue chromis and organge and purple anthias.

Patch Reefs

Completely different are the submerged patch reefs which explode with life during rising and falling tides. Among our favorite patch reefs are Rainbow's End, Annie's Bommie, Sam's Point, and the Mini-white Wall. Tide-generated currents across these reefs bring plankton and nutrients, jumpstarting the entire food chain. Every diving day you will see reef scenes as colorful and varied as those in scuba diving magazines and Discovery Channel documentaries. See for yourself – Taveuni diving really is world class.

We Dive where You Want to Dive

Our certified dive charters cater to divers' preferences – the sea life and reef topography you want to experience. The predictable currents of the Somosomo Straits mean that divers drift with the current about 75% of the time. The moon cycle is the major factor affecting currents, with slackest current occurring during the half moon. The full and new moon have the strongest currents. Depending on your comfort level with currents, you may wish to consider the moon cycle when planning your dive trip.


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